A3 Institute of Professional Studies is Now a Certified  ISO 9001-2008 Institution!

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From The Desk Of The CEO

Welcome to A3 Institute of Professional Studies.

With the changing demographics and international scope of the marketplace, our mission is to leverage diversity to prepare our students to gain the competencies to address the complex issues of the workplace and have long successful careers.

A3 Institute is committed to student success, and is fully aware that, as a student, you must know your professional strengths and limitations and be able to effectively work with others from different backgrounds.

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Business & Management

Successful organisations, whether large or small, are well managed.  The development of management skills within an organisation is an essential part of continued business growth.






ABE (UK) Management Programmes



Teachers are given, by society, the task of instructing and educating cultured individuals, who will maintain a new relationship with the world, with themselves and with others.




Grade ‘A’ Teachers Certificate Course
Diploma in Secondary Education
Advanced Diploma (City & Guilds, UK)


Finance & Accounting

Every single organisation, big or small, is in business to make money. Or save money. Or advise other businesses how to make and save money.  All have one thing in common. They need professionals who can play a fundamental role in running the business.






Journalism & Media Studies

Media, though traditionally playing the role of educating and entertaining the general masses, of late, has increasingly been seen serving as catalysts of reforms and agents of emancipation. 




Basic Technician Certificate (NTA L-4)
Technician Certificate  (NTA L-5)
Diploma (NTA L-6)


Nursing & Allied Sciences

The main objective of the National Health Policy is to improve the health and well being of all Tanzanians. This objective cannot be achieved without having appropriately trained nurses and other health workers.

















Short Courses

To get, and keep, a job you typically need a repertoire of technical skills.  While your technical skills may get your foot in the door, your people skills are what open most of the doors to come.  




Basic Graphics Design
Advanced Graphics Design
Specialist Module (InDesign)
Computerized Accounting (TALLY)




Refresher Course in Accounting
First Aid